Who am I, you ask?

Hi there. My name is Nadav Rotchild and I'm a technical manager with both backend and frontend programming experience.

As a manager I worked with small teams (3-8 people) as well as medium ones (20 people) on internal and B2B projects. As a senior developer PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are my bread and butter.

I take great pride and care when writing code. Here are my three major guidlines:

  • Code efficiently. Believe me, sometimes those 100 lines can be reduced to just one.
  • Write succinctly. Because deposit($usd) is easier to understand than dpst($args).
  • Document meticulously. I might be a craftsman, but I want my craftsmanship to be understood and appreciated.

Scroll down to learn more about my experience, education and accomplished projects.

Best In

Responsive Web Design

Website Load Time Optimization

I have a knack for making things run faster, smoother and more resource-efficient. Websites are often bogged down by bad resource management, too many database requests and irrelevant scripts. I untangle the mess and focus the code, thus optimizing load times.

User experience design

Quick Learning

I'm a fast learner and an autodidact who enjoys acquiring new techniques. Web development is a fascinating field that requires the adoptions of new technologies every year. For some that might prove daunting, but I love adjusting to changes and learning new techniques.


Wordpress Development

Having built hundreds of Wordpress websites as well as written 5 unique plugins (all in Object Oriented PHP) I consider myself well-versed in Wordpress development. From loops, to hooks, to actions, I've seen and tasted them all.



Languages are a passion of mine, and that is not limited to the realm of programming. I use English, Japanese and Hebrew on a daily basis.


Years of experience
JavaScript & Jquery


Dec 2018


Globalway Inc.

Technical Manager

Manages and supports a team of 20 multinational developers. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating advanced API integrations and data automation using various AWS services (DynamoDB, Lambda, CodeCommit, Lightsail) and ETL solutions (Java, Talend).
  • Problem-solving by change of approach, which included doing tech R&D and writing design documents.
  • Developing services and websites on my own using PHP and Node.js.
  • Defining the architecture, UI/UX and roadmap for the company’s internal and B2B projects.
  • Maintaining the company’s Jira and Confluence accounts.
Jan 2015

March 2018

SpotOption Hong Kong

PHP Developer

Managed the integration of Forex platforms in Wordpress-based websites, developed plugins and trained new employees which joined the company. Responsibilities included:

  • Developing Wordpress plugins
  • Developing PSP integration solutions for deposit and withdrawal processing (Help2Pay, Payment Asia, RPN, ZotaPay, Over Seas and more).
  • Handleding internal and external API integrations for our clients.
  • Training new programmers, PMs and designers which joined our winning technology team.
Sep 2013

Dec 2014


PHP Developer

Managed the integration of Forex platforms in Wordpress-based websites. Responsibilities included:

  • Developing Wordpress themes.
  • Creating a variety of Wordpress-based websites with multilingual support and multiple currencies.
  • Integrating Wordpress-based websites with Spot Option’s various Forex trading platform solutions.
  • Implementing payment methods and affiliation programs.

Jan 2013

Aug 2013


Webmaster and Designer

Webmaster and Designer at Astrateg. Responsibilities included:

  • Creating beautiful websites (using Photoshop, HTML5 and CSS3).
  • Managing SEO campaigns for multiple websites.
  • Creating new and innovative user experiences using jQuery and PHP.



Certificate Study

A 7 month course for web/multimedia management, webmaster and PHP programming. The course included technologies such as HTML55, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, jQuery and PHP. 3 months of the 7 were focused entirely on PHP, including OOP and frameworks.

The Hebrew University

Master's Degree, East Asian Studies

A Master's Degree in East Asian Studies, with a focus on Japanese history, culture and language.

Soka University

Certificate Study

Two full semesters of advanced Japanese language studies at Soka university, Tokyo, Japan. Successfully passed the JLPT N1 exam.

The Hebrew University

Bachelor's Degree, East Asian Studies

A Bachelor's Degree in East Asian Studies, with a focus on Japanese history, culture and language.


More Information


Orna Rotchild

Coaching and biofeedback

A coaching and biofeedback portfolio website in Hebrew for Orna Rotchild. The website is 100% responsive. The homepage uses CSS3 animations and parallax scrolling for extra interactivity.

In addition to writing the front-end and back-end code I also designed the website's layout and created a layered PSD as well as slices.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap 3, Wordpress, GIT, Photoshop.

URL: http://ornarotchild.com


Simple Meta Boxes

A PHP helper class for Wordpress

A simple PHP class for creating Wordpress meta boxes and custom fields. Simple Meta Boxes was meant to be used as a boilerplate class. It is simple to understand, works right out of the box and is extremely easy to extend, tweak and reconfigure.

This class can be included in any Wordpress theme and allows for easy GUI manipulation and the implementation of meta boxes in posts and pages. I made this application as an open source project in the hope that it will make the lives of Wordpress developers around the world easier.

Technologies used: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, GIT.

URL: https://github.com/nadavrt/simple-meta-boxes


SpotOption Asia

Online trading solutions provider

SpotOption's main website for the China, Japan, Korea and the south east Asia (SEA) region.

This website has a demo trading platform integrated into it and is available in five languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, SVN.

URL: asia.spotoption.com



Trading platform website

A forex and derivative trading website in three three languages: English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

This website is an example of around 60+ Wordpress websites I developed, all of which feature an integrated trading platform, payment service provider integrations and a dedicated mobile-first theme in addition to a regular widescreen one.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, SVN, RPN (PSP).

URL: http://www.optioncccfd.com


Anime Reviews

Anime and Japanese art blog

A blog and reviews website for anime, manga and other art from Japan. This was my first Wordpress project, created way back in 2013. I have been maintaining it ever since.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, Photoshop.

URL: http://animereviews.co


Database Backupper

A PHP helper class for Wordpress

A MySql database backup application for easy singular database maintenance, complete with a sleek GUI and security options.

I developed this utility because I was in need of a database backuping solution on a server where access to PHPMyadmin was not available. I later decided to share it and turned it into an open source project.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, GIT.

URL: https://github.com/nadavrt/database-backupper


Percentage Loader

An interactive colors generator

A fun visual tool for changing and adjusting the colors of custom website loaders. It is used to generate content for a jQuery plugin called jQuery.PercentageLoader.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery.

URL: http://nadavr.com/projects/percentage-loader-color-generator/


Combined Image and Text Widget

Wordpress plugin

A Wordpress plugin that allows you to effortlessly add text and images to your sidebars, with or without links. This was one of my open source projects and can be downloaded from the official Wordpress plugins repository. It has seen 800+ active installs thus far.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Wordpress, SVN.

URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/combined-image-and-text-widget/

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